Friday, December 14, 2018

IPR in Vietnam, handle infringement, IPR protection in Vietnam

Industrial Design

Industrial design means the outward appearance of a product embodied in three dimensional configuration, lines, colours or a combination of such elements. There exists design patent granted to the design inventor or legal applicant in exchange for a disclosure of the design.
With a broad range of experience, KENFOX assist clients in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing industrial rights on a global basis.

KENFOX’s typical pieces of practice in the design area include:

  • Giving advisce on selection and suitability of designs to be registered;
  • Conducting pre-filing and infringement searches and advising on protectability of a design;
  • Considering possible alternatives of design registration;
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting application from filing through grant;
  • Renewal payment service;
  • Instuting opposition, appeal, cancellation, invalidation and anti-infringement proceedings;
  • Advising on compulsory licence application;
  • Revocation of registered designs;
  • Bringing infringement and other proceedings to the Court;
  • Patent renewal payment;
  • Negotiating, drafting agreements and doing licensing and assigning work;
  • Recording changes for industrial design patent as granted.

And any other pieces of work upon client’s request and agreement. Please click here for contact.


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