Sunday, July 22, 2018

Conducting trademark investigations and market surveys on trademark to identify if the targeted trademark has been used in Vietnam or not.

At Kenfox, we have teams of investigators who have been well-trained and has years of experience. Through years of operation, Kenfox has received thousands of requests for trademark investigation and market surveys on trademark due to different purposes such as conducting a trademark search in the Vietnamese market to collect evidences for filing a cancellation or termination action against a trademark registration, for assignment or license purpose, or for entering into a cooperative relation with the trademark proprietor.

Talk to us if you wish to obtain your desired result of trademark investigation and market surveys on trademark.

Besides, we are able to conduct in-depth investigation into targets suspected infringing trademarks, copyrights and patents or others engaging in unfair competition. Specifically, we can perform the followings pieces of work:

1. Collecting information on products distributing channels
  • Information on agents and stores distributing and selling counterfeit goods in Vietnam
  • Information on sales volume of counterfeits
  • Information on counterfeit distribution
  • Information on relationship between distributors and manufacturers
  • Other information relating to counterfeit goods.
2. Collecting information on manufacturer of the counterfeit
  • Company name, address of counterfeit producers/distributors
  • Production scale of counterfeit producers
  • Production capacity of counterfeit producers
  • Information on counterfeit output

3. Collecting evidences

  • Collecting counterfeit samples / Purchasing counterfeit directly from store or from manufacturer / and collecting sales receipt
  • Collecting Photos, wrapping bags, leaflets
  • Collecting other evidences
  • Analyzing resemblance and difference between genuine and counterfeit

Last but not least, another factors contributing to our success is that we always maintain very fine relations with the Vietnamese competent authorities such as Economic Police, Market Management Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology, Customs etc.

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