Friday, December 14, 2018

Customs recordal of trademark rights and customs brand protection training

Many trademark owners come to us and complains that they are losing millions of dollars, their market and even the trust of the consumers due to counterfeit goods. Needless to say, the counterfeit goods has been causing mass economic, prestigious loss and damages not only to trademark owners but also the society.

To cope with the "roots" of this situation, our Kenfox has established a very fine relation with the Vietnamese Customs and has been cooperating with them in efficiently preventing the imitation and counterfeit goods imported or exported via border. When identifying goods suspected of infringing Intellectual Property rights or to detect goods showing signs of infringing Intellectual Property rights, the Vietnamese Customs will be immediately sending the firm a notification so as to timely keep the trademark owners informed for further action.

The border control measures are proven to be the most fruitful and cost effective since it can help seize the imitation and counterfeit goods right at the border without letting them penetrate into and spread on the market.

Besides the cooperation between Kenfox and the Customs, the specialists of the firms also gives lectures to the officials of the Customs on techniques how to identify the imitations and counterfeit goods as well as professional opinion on amending the legal regulations so as to favourably handle imitations and counterfeit goods.

During the past time, through applying border control measures, NOKIA Corporation, SONY Company and many other companies have succeeded in preventing imitation and counterfeit goods imported into Vietnam, accordingly increase their market shares, their images in Vietnam as well as protect their distributors and consumers against this serious issue.

For the above benefit, we strongly recommend that the trademark owners should file an application for border control measures for inspecting and supervising the goods their registered marks at the Vietnamese Customs and we are always willing to assist you.

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