Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Circular No.82/2000/TT-BTC of August 14, 2000 guiding financial policies for The Development of Farm Economy Written by duytho
Circular No.80/2004/TT-BTC of August 13, 2004 guiding the implementation of The Prime Minister’s Decision No. 75/1998/QD-TTg of April 4, 1998 prescribing tax payers’ identification numbers Written by duytho
Circular No.64/2004/TT-BTC of June 29, 2004 guiding the implementation of a number of articles of The Government's Decree No. 105/2004/ND-CP of March 30, 2004 on independent audit Written by duytho
Circular No.62/2002/TT-BTC of July 18, 2002 guiding the application of value added tax (VAT) on credit institutions’ activities of handling loan security assets to recover debts Written by duytho
Circular No.61/2004/TT-BTC of June 23, 2004 amending and supplementing a number of points of The Finance Ministry's Circular No. 86/1999/TT-BTC of July 8, 1999 which guides the disbursement of, and the financial mechanism applicable to, Poland's credit ca Written by duytho
Circular No.60/2004/TT-BTC of June 18, 2004 guiding the issuance of stocks to the public Written by duytho
Circular No.60/2002/TT-BTC of July 10, 2002 guiding the financial management of humanitarian medical examination and treatment establishments under Vietnam Red Cross Written by duytho
Circular No.59/2004/TT-BTC of June 18, 2004 guiding the listing of stocks and bonds on the central securities market Written by duytho
Circular No.55/2002/TT-BKHCNMT of July 23, 2002 guiding the technological and environmental evaluation of investment projects Written by duytho
Circular No.53/1999/TT-BTC of May 08, 1999, amending and supplementing Circular No. 41/1999/TT-BTC of April 20, 1999 which guides the implementation of Decree No. 14/1999/ND-CP of March 23, 1999 of The Government promulgating Vietnam’s 1999 list of goods Written by duytho

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