Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Circular No.27/1999/TT-BTM of August 30, 1999 amending and supplementing Circular No.03/1999/TT-BTM which guides the granting of permits for import of raw material wood from Cambodia Written by duytho
Circular No.26/2002/TT-BTC of March 22, 2002 guiding the financial handling when state enterprises, enterprises of political organizations or socio-political organizations are transformed into one-member limited liability companies Written by duytho
Circular No.24/2002/TT-BTC of March 20, 2002 guiding the implementation of tax obligations for financial leasing activities Written by duytho
Circular No.23/2002/TT-BTC of March 20, 2002 guiding the management and use of investment project management expenses from the state budget source Written by duytho
Circular No.21/2002/TT-BTC of March 01, 2002 guiding the natural resources tax exemption for materials exploited and used in The Construction of Ho Chi Minh road (Phase I) Written by duytho
Circular No.20/2002/TT_BTC of February 28, 2002 guiding the implementation of The Government’s Decree No. 71/2001/ND-CP of October 5, 2001 on preferences for investment in the construction of dwelling houses for sale or lease Written by duytho
Circular No.19/2004/TT-BTC of March 18th, 2004 guiding the treasury bill and foreign-currency bond bidding through Vietnam State Bank Written by duytho
Circular No.19/2000/TT-BYT of November 24, 2000 guiding the consideration and granting of medical examination and treatment practice certificates Written by duytho
Circular No.19-BYT/TT, guiding the management of the massage service, promulgated by the Ministry of Health Written by duytho
Circular No.189/1998/TT-BTC, guiding the financial management of stock credit institution, promulgated by the Ministry of Finance Written by duytho

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