Friday, December 14, 2018

Copyright and related rights

Copyright means rights of an organization or individual to works which such organization or individual created or owns.

Copyright related rights (hereinafter referred to as related rights) means rights of an organization or individual to performances, audio and visual fixation, and broadcasts and satellite signals carrying coded programmes.

KENFOX’s experience in this area includes:

  • Giving advice on copyrightability;
  • Doing esearch for ownership and protectability issues;
  • Giving advice on protection for software/computer programs;
  • Giving advice regarding the proper use of copyright notices;
  • Making agreement negotiation and preparation for the joint creation, ownership, licensing, purchase, sale or collection of royalties (under copyright licenses) of copyright material;
  • Preparing hire agreements, assignments and releases;
  • Giving infringement advice and anti-piracy, such as taking legal action against infringers of DVDs, CDs and other copyrighted material;
  • Doing copyright dispute litigation;
  • Lobbying work for improved and amended copyright legislation.

And any other pieces of work upon client’s request and agreement. Please click here for contact.


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