Friday, December 14, 2018

Registration of Industrial Design in Vietnam


  1. Applicant: full name, address and nationality;
  2. Inventor: full name, address and nationality;
  3. Title of the claimed design;
  4. Class of the claimed design according to the Locarno International Classification (if available);
  5. Priority data: filing number, date and country (if priority is claimed).


  1. Photos/drawings illustrating the design in different views (front, rear, left, right, top, bottom and perspective) and other supporting views such as cross-sectional or partly enlarged views (if available);
  2. English description of the claimed design;
  3. Power of Attorney (no notarization is required).
  4. Certified copy of priority documents (as to applications claiming priority under the Paris Convention).


  1. Duration for formality examination and substantive examination is 01 month (from the Vietnamese filing date) and 07 months (from the application publishing date) respectively;
  2. Validity term of a Design Patent is 05 years computed from the filing date. The Design Patent is renewable for two consecutive periods, each of which lasts 05 years.

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